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  • Performance of steel structure workshop

    Performance of steel structure workshop                             Earthquake Resistance Most of the roofs of low-rise villas are sloped roofs, so the roof structure is basically a triangular roof truss system made of cold-formed s...
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  • Application Characteristics Of Different Steel Beams

    Application characteristics of H-beam   Hot-rolled H-beam has excellent mechanical properties and excellent service performance by rationally distributing the height-width ratio of section size according to different uses. The design style is flexible and rich. In the case of the same beam height...
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  • Types of Lattice structural Columns

    Structural columns in steel structures can be divided into the following types: 1. Column of Equal Section: The column with constant section along the whole height of the column is generally suitable for light steel structure workshop without crane or with small lifting capacity of Crane;  ...
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  • What happened on Humen Bridge in Guangdong?

    Humen Bridge is a cross sea bridge connecting Nansha District of Guangzhou City and Humen Town of Dongguan City. On May 5, Humen Bridge vibrated abnormally. Guangzhou reported on June 6 that Humen Bridge vibration is a phenomenon of bridge vortex vibration, and believed that the suspension bridge...
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  • Structural Classification Of Steel Trusses

    From the mechanical analysis, when the shape of the truss is similar to the bending moment diagram of the simply supported beam, the axial force distribution of the upper and lower chords is uniform, the axial force of the web is small, and the material is the least. The steel truss is trapezoida...
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  • 4 Advantages of Steel Structure

    Steel structure is light and high strength.Compared with concrete and wood, steel has the smallest ratio of gravity density to strength. Therefore, in terms of the structure form of similar buildings, steel structure has the advantages of light self weight, small component section, being able to...
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  • Introduction About The Hot Galvanizing Steel Beam

    Galvanized Steel Pipe                 Hot Dip galvanizing I-BEAM is also called hot dip galvanizing i-beam or hot dip galvanizing i-beam. The rust-removing i-steel is immersed in molten zinc solution at about 500 °C, and the zinc layer is attached to the s...
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  • How can steel structure buildings resist earthquake?

    Basic Requirements for Seismic Design  Structural type of steel structure house The common structural systems of steel structure houses are frame structure, frame support structure, frame seismic wall panel structure, simplified structure and mega frame structure. The aseismic performance of the...
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  • Steel Beam – Section Beam & Composite Beam

    Section Beam Hot-rolled sections can be made from hot-rolled i-beams or channel steels, and cold-formed z-beams and channel steels can be used for light beams such as purlins. Section steel beam is easy to process and cheap to make, but section size of section steel is limited by some specificati...
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