Pay Attention to These Points in the Design of Steel Structure

Pay Attention to These Points in the Design of Steel Structure

  • One


    Don’t blindly model and calculate when you get the operation chart. We will conduct comprehensive analysis, communicate with architectural designers, and fully understand various situations of the project (functions, model selection, etc.).


  • Two


    The pre-processing before modeling and calculation should be done well. For example, the calculation of load should be accurate and cannot be estimated. It should be input completely according to the building practice or use requirements.


  • Three


    In the process of structural modeling, we should understand the meaning of each parameter, do not blindly modify the parameters, and there should be a basis for modification.


  • Four


    In the calculation, the economy under the technical conditions should be fully considered. It is not allowed to increase the amount of reinforcement or the cross-section of the component at will. This should be regarded as one of our design concepts.


  • Five


    A large number of adjustments and modifications should be made after the completion of the beam, column, plate and so on, which should be based on the basis (according to the data such as the checking diagram). There are the following centralized modifications or precautions:

    Model drawing-1

A. Beam:


    1. Elevation of the beam (whether to determine the bottom elevation of the beam and whether to turn the beam up, etc.).


    2. The negative reinforcement of the support of the beam shall not be too sparse and shall be artificially increased.


    3. The number of spans of beams shall be checked.


    4. Try to reduce the type and grade difference of steel bars (≤ grade 2).


    5. The beam with awning and other cantilevered components shall be strengthened (the stirrup here can be densified, and torsional reinforcement can be set).


    6. The placement of reinforcement in the beam must meet the requirements of clear distance, especially the clear distance of upper reinforcement (≥ 1.5D or 30mm).


    7. When encountering the well shaped beam (with primary and secondary relations) of the computer calculation results, the primary and secondary relations shall be distinguished, and the bearing reinforcement shall be marked at the main beam support.


    8. For the coupling beam resting on the side beam, the support reinforcement at the side beam should not be too large and should be reduced, so as to reduce the torque to the side beam.


    9. There is a relationship between the primary and secondary beams, and there is also a difference from the beam section. The secondary beams are appropriately reduced


  • B. Column:


    1. Meet the requirements of axial pressure ratio (≤ 0.9).


    2. For large-span factory buildings, the column section should be rectangular.


    3. Setting of structural columns (refer to p72 code for seismic design of buildings in detail).


  • C. Plate:


    1. The negative reinforcement should not be too thin, but can be replaced by larger diameter reinforcement to avoid being stepped down during construction; the larger diameter reinforcement should not be too sparse, or it will not be stressed or easy to crack.


    2. The elevation and slab section shall be indicated in the structural plan.


    3. All reinforcement of roof slab shall be pulled through.


    4. The slab reinforcement shall be expressed clearly, which shall not be guessed by the construction personnel.


    5. In the structural plan, indicate the position and size of awning, balcony, cornice, etc., and draw the detailed drawing.

  • D. Basis:


    1. Deep foundation and shallow foundation cannot be mixed.


    2. When calculating the foundation load, never omit to calculate the load (including the load weight of the bottom wall, etc.).


    3. The elevation of the foundation (including ground beam, bearing platform, etc.) shall meet the requirements of passing the upper pipeline, and generally 300 mm shall be reserved on it.

Post time: May-22-2020

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