An Important Escape Way: Steel Structure Fire Stairs

An Important Escape Way: Steel Structure Fire Stairs

The steel structure stair is famous for its less fulcrum, high bearing capacity, more modeling and high technical content. It is not easy

to be affected by columns, floors and other structures, and it is solid.

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Main features of steel structure fire stairs:

A, it covers a small area.

B, the beauty of shape. Steel stairs, with U-shaped corner, 90 degree turn right angle, S-shaped 360 degree spiral, 180 degree spiral,

various shapes and beautiful lines.

C, it is practical. The steel wood structure adopts cast steel pipe fittings, including seamless steel pipe, flat steel and other steel skeleton.

D, the color is bright. The surface treatment process of steel stairs is various, which can be fully automatic electrostatic powder spraying

(i.e. plastic spraying), or fully galvanized or fully baked paint treatment, with beautiful appearance and durability. It is suitable for indoor

or outdoor use. It can reflect the modern steel structure architecture art.

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The steel stairs can also be made very simple. The Z-shaped steel plate stairs are welded together with continuous Z-shaped steel plates,

and the folded part is fixed with the wall surface, without any other redundant design, which can be said to be the perfect combination

of creative ideas and simple structure. Steel stairs are mostly circular ones. In the three-dimensional space, the dynamic and elegant

feeling of the spiral staircase through the line arrangement of the step board and the handrail can be said to embody the aesthetic

feeling of the steel staircase space skeleton incisively and vividly.

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Post time: May-15-2020

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