H-beam for steel structure buildings

H-beam for steel structure buildings

1. The steel structure of H-beam is mainly made by hot rolled. The characteristic of this type of steel is its super stability. The reason is that this steel structure is very reasonable, and then its plasticity is very strong, while it has a strong flexibility, so it will have a very stable structure, can effectively disperse too concentrated force, so the effect of earthquake resistance is very good.

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2.Another feature of H-beam is that the effective use area of the building can be improved to a certain extent by using this type of beam. The main reason is that the section area of the structural column of steel section is small, so in different buildings, it can effectively improve the effective use area of a certain amount, with the minimum increase rate of 4% and the maximum increase rate of 6%.

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3. The last feature of H-shaped steel is that the structure weight is relatively light, that is to say, the same type of steel, H-shaped steel has realized the reduction of structural design internal force in the design, so the advantage is that it can reduce the requirements of the building foundation, at the same time, simplify the construction process, the construction is convenient and fast, so the economic cost is lower.

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